'Set Your Sights Higher'


The need for residential space is bringing in new highrise towers into London skyline. Although there are nearly 250 scheme proposals, availability of top floors will be limited and will always have a certain notion of exclusivity attached to it. Property developers,designers and picture makers are coming up with new visual sales strategies that result in a very specific type of imagery.


These images are the focus of this project. The title has been borrowed from one of the advertising panels with a panoramic image of the city, seducing the buyer with unrestrained power of observation. ‘Set Your Sights Higher’ explores the image of the city within the urban space itself, focusing on the panoramic cityscapes and computer generated interiors. Project revolves around a conceptual diagonal axis pointing downward from the fictional future spaces at the top of the ‘heavenly towers’ to the street level where these large scale images are placed and play an active role in shaping the streetscape.